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Welcome to Mayfield-Tv


A little about me

I'm 35 and I'm disabled I have a protein disorder called GA1 and I show what its like being disabled on youtube.   

What should you expect to see on my YouTube

Mayfield-Tv is a family friendly youtube channel. That I have made to show the way I live being disabled and with GA1. I also do gaming videos. 

Why should you do business with Mayfield-Tv

I have been in business making websites about my disorder GA1 since 1999 I was in high school when I started spreading awareness about GA1 online. So you maybe asking yourself why you should come to my site mayfield-tv.com? Mayfield-tv.com is where you can watch me live my life and see how I do day to day tasks and much more

Mayfield-Tv Live


All about Josh's First video Blog I wanted to talk to you guys about GA1 and show you what it was like for me as as baby and show you guys what its like for me a young boy and what its like to be a adult with GA1 and show you guys that I know how to have a good time too. Just watch through the first part, where my cousin and I lived together, then it goes to when I was 21 months old and got sick from GA1. I Wanted to do all of this in one video. I Know some of you may not like or get wrong ideas

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